Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wakey-wakey! Massaman curry at Bangkok Thai

The past few months were rather lazy in terms of cooking. The food spark has gone out of me and even when I did prepare something interesting and remembered to take pictures, I could not bring myself to posting about it. Closing of the only vegetable shop in our neighbourhood and trouble with Kolonihagens deliveries only added insult to injury. But now that spring is here I want to start cooking and writing about it anew. Let me start with a post about eating out.

Yesterday I tried the massaman curry at Bangkok Thai here in Oslo. It was prepared with chicken, potatoes and cashews. The sauce was creamy and not that heavy. I wish the potatoes were cooked better, but otherwise it was great to taste something new. I am too fond of green curry and the endless variations of it, so I order it way too often. The name of massaman curry supposedly refers to Muslims but here I wish a had a better reference than a standard sentence reiterated by all the on-line recipes out there.

Otherwise the dishes were good (Thai fishcakes in particular) though different from what the favourite Rice Bowl serves. The company was even better and from the restaurant we went on further downtown on this quiet evening.